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Don’t waste time and money on your way to becoming a pilot!


Why spend so much time and money in Australia when you can do it all in the USA at half the price and 1/10 of the time.

Instead of wasting months, sometimes years, tens of thousands of dollars (even hundreds), go from 0 flight time to be an Instructor in 6-8 months and then work with us or return to Australia as a skilled commercial pilot ready to integrate into the Aviation market, debt free and without time wasting.

Why learn to fly in the USA?

About Us:

The Washington International Flight Academy (WIFA) is the premiere flight school in the greater Washington-DC metro area. We have been operating out of the Montgomery County Airpark in Gaithersburg, MD since 1989 and have trained thousands of pilots from hobbyists to 777 Captains.

Whether you’re a student with plans to become a commercial pilot or an individual that wants to take up flying for fun, we have the staff and instructors ready to take your dreams to new heights!

Flying in the USA can be up to 50% cheaper than in Australia due the following reasons:

1.      lower operational costs

2.      lower fuel prices

3.      shortened training schedules

4.      less “red tape”

Facilities – On the ground:

Ground servicing facilities called Fixed Base Operations (FBO) are top of the range. They serve all of the nation’s aviation industry and authorities, including the military, government agencies etc. most facilities are available 24/7 and offer fuelling, pilots lounges and resting rooms, restaurants and complimentary hot/cold drinks and beverages, service cars for close proximity trips for dining or shopping, planning and briefing rooms including computer and free internet/Wi-Fi.

Facilities – In the Air:

Air Traffic Control (ATC) and navigational equipment like VOR’s, VORTAC’s and GPS are widely available across all the USA (unlike Australia) which makes your flight much safer and easier for planning and flying. ATC is available 24/7 and will be very helpful on request including providing “Flight Fallowing” services that will give you additional safety measurement to your flights.

Stronger licenses

An FAA licenses is much more widely used, only in the USA there are over 600,00 active certificated pilots (compare to 30,000 in Australia) other than the USA there are countries that recognise or using FAA license as part of their aviation regulatory systems.

The FAA is by far the most influential and leading aviation regulatory body in the world, especially since the scope of its activity spreads anywhere from gliders to space shuttle. In addition, all the USA aviation industries, manufacturing, research and development is based on the FAA’s regulatory system, therefore most regulation and standards introduced by the FAA may eventually be adopted by the rest of the world sooner or later.

Work opportunities

In addition to all other advantages, more potential employers prefer an FAA licence pilot, which allows you to fly in North America, South America, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East.

 Easily maintained

The FAA in doing an effort to keep the sky safe but also to get people flying more, as part of this organisation culture they design a system that allow pilots to self maintain their licenses current without a periodic validity tests that creates more bureaucracy and additional costs to the pilots.

To maintain your FAA licence, you need only perform a bi-annual flight review with a flight instructor. All other requirements can be completed privately.

Night Flying

In the USA, you can fly at night without additional training and licencing requirements, unlike Australia.

Listen to Andy’s Experience on the Australian Aviation Podcast:

Our Location:

Q How much for a Private Pilot License?

- 6 WEEKS $11,000
- No Recreational Pilot Licence required!
- No additional requirements to convert the license to an Australian (CASA),
- You literally save thousands of AU dollars, all in 45-days of a lifetime experience!

Q How much for an Instrument Rating?

- 6 WEEKS $9,500

Throughout the Instrument Pilot course the student will learn the skills necessary to fly an aircraft under instrument flight rules (IFR). This entails learning to fly the aircraft solely by reference to instruments. The student will acquire the necessary skills to fly the aircraft in the clouds as well as under air traffic control (ATC) guidance.

As an instrument rated pilot, an airman is capable of flying in a multitude of different weather scenarios. Having this rating opens significant options for a pilot who wishes to advance their flight experience and/or career. The skills learned during this course are an integral part of becoming an accomplished airman and will significantly improve the flight capabilities of any pilot.

Threshold requirements for the course - 50 hours cross country Pilot In Command (PIC). There are 2 option to reach this requirement.

1. Fly with a flight instructor as a safety pilot. you can do a cross country trips to the east coast all the way to Florida. This option will significantly improve your flight level.

2. Fly with a safety pilot cross country trips when one is simulating instrument flying and the other acts as safety pilot. this option can reduce the cost significantly as you both share the cost of the flight.

You can expect to graduate from this course with 125 flight hours of which 75 hours as a pilot in command

Q How much for a Multi Engine Rating

- 10 DAYS $4,000

A Multi-Engine Add-On license is available to both Private and Commercial pilots.

The addition of a Multi-Engine License allows a pilot to expand their flying experience to larger, more powerful aircraft. Mastering the additional speed and complexity of a Multi-Engine aircraft demonstrates a significant level of aviation capability. Multi-Engine experience is required for nearly all airline job applicants.

Q How much for my Commercial Pilots License?

- 3 WEEKS $5,500

Those who continue from private pilot and instrument rating course will need to accumulate about 100 more flight hours to complete the required 200 hours to be eligible for CPL licenses.

$70* x 100 hr = $7000

* share cost out of $140/hour

The Commercial Pilot training course involves a significant step forward in an aviator’s career and capabilities. As a Commercial Pilot, an aviator will be able to fly aircraft for compensation. With the addition of an Instrument Rating, a pilot with a Commercial License can fly unlimited distances for hire, both during the day and at night. The skills and certification acquired during this course is essential for any pilot who aspires to work in the aviation industry. The skill set learned is also of significant value to any pilot who wishes to improve their aviation abilities.

Threshold requirements for the course: 250 total flight hours that include cross country navigation day/night with a minimum distance of 300 miles. You will need to accumulate around 100 hours before commencing the course, this is usually done with another student in order to share the cost. During the course you will do another 15-20 hours that will be counted as part of your total flight time.

This course is done in a complex aircraft - retractable landing gear and a controllable pitch propeller.

Q How much to become a Certified Flight Instructor?

- 4 WEEKS $5,000

Certified Flight Instructor training courses are available to Commercial Pilots who wish to become instructors. During these courses applicants will receive extensive ground instruction in the subjects necessary for instructing future pilots for the Private Pilot, Instrument Rating or Multi Engine ratings.

Subject matter includes: in-depth aviation material in the areas of aerodynamics, meteorology, federal regulations, and more. Applicants will also receive instruction in the area of Fundamentals of Instruction.

They will be introduced to the subjects of the learning process, barriers to learning, effective communication, and teaching methods. Applicants will learn necessary skills to apply these subjects to aviation instruction.

The Flight Instructor Course consists of 15 instructed flight hours and 2 theoretical tests composed of significant amount of theoretical material that you will need to self study for.

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