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Book your next flight with FLIGHTCHARTER.COM.AU

Organising a charter flight can be a time consuming and complex task. There are so many potential operators to choose from and so many details to consider! How do you make a good decision without it taking forever?

Flightcharter.com.au can find you the right aircraft, at the right time for the right cost. Just visit our website and fill out our quotation form or give us a call to charter a flight. If you would like to know more about chartered flights call us and speak to one of our friendly staff on: 1800 687 354

Your Flight Manager at flightcharter.com.au has access to reliable and professional aircraft operators across the country with literally hundreds of aircraft to choose from. This means that flightcharter.com.au can find you the right aircraft, at the right time for the right cost.

What makes us special is our team of Flight Managers whose sole task is to understand you, your needs and to find you the best private flight that takes care of all those details. You can have confidence that you have made a good decision with safety, reliability and value in mind.

At flightcharter.com.au our aim is to make it easy for you to organise your own Flight Charter. That’s why we have classified aircraft into Economy, Business and First Class.

But first a word about safety. Regardless of the class, every aircraft meets the highest safety standards as prescribed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) and where possible we use Operators who have also attained BARS accreditation. We only utilise aircraft that are operated by certified Aircraft Charter Operators.

Experience the benefits of a private jet charter for your business.

Tired of check-in wait times, flight delays and cramped seating? Booking a private jet through flightcharter.com.au is your perfect business solution.

In the past private jet hire was something to be envied by the general public as the cost of comfort, efficiency and flexibility were considered a luxury only accessible to the wealthy.

The truth is flying privately is becoming more and more affordable. The business saying ‘time is money’ could not be truer when flying commercially where time is lost due to flight delays, overbooking and luggage hold-ups. These time-wasters can occur often and can cost businesses operating both domestically and internationally a fortune in the long run – these are eliminated with private air charter where your individual needs are always the priority.

To learn more about hiring a private jet for your business click here or contact us to speak with one of our expert Flight Managers: 1800 687 354

Q How does aircraft charter work?

Are you new to Aircraft Charter?

Here is how private plane charter works including some of the terminology:

Chartering an Aircraft means that you are hiring the plane & pilot from the Operator to take you from A to B. Sometimes you will see this written as A-B Charter.

When you charter an aircraft you are hiring the whole plane for your exclusive use. No one else will be travelling on that plane. Likewise, the Operator cannot use that aircraft for any other purpose or flight whilst your charter is taking place.

The Charter Operator is the company that is accredited and licensed to provide the pilots and fly the plane. They have stringent regulatory requirements to meet and are subject to review by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) at any time. By definition, Operators are professional organisations required to maintain high standards of professionalism in their staff, procedures and operations.

The charter Aircraft that is selected by your Charter Broker or Operator is matched to your Requirements. Factors such as number of passengers; distance to be flown; suitability of airstrips and desired class of travel are all important factors that get taken into consideration.

This is why you are asked so many questions when you make an enquiry about aircraft charter!

One of the key benefits of aircraft charter is that you get Exclusive Use of the Aircraft. This means that you have control over the itinerary and you are not sharing it with other passengers that you do not know.

However, this also means that the Operator cannot use that aircraft on other charters whilst you have access to it and so if there is waiting time between arrival and subsequent return trip departure then a waiting charge can sometimes be applied.

Q How is the Cost of Aircraft Charter calculated?

There are a number of variables that determine the cost of chartering an aircraft. If you make an enquiry these are the questions that you are going to be asked:

  •  How many passengers?
    A 10 seater costs more than a 4 seater – so let’s try and match the right type to your needs.

  •  Departure and Destination?
    This will give us the distance of the flight which has a direct impact on the cost.

  •  Any stops along the way?
    One of the benefits of chartering is that you can go anywhere you please. Each landing & takeoff needs to be factored into the price.

  •  When is the Return Trip?
    Because the charter aircraft will always need to return to its home base, any waiting costs like parking and pilot accommodation need to be included.

  •  It is always a Round Trip:
    The charter aircraft will return to its home base and the cost of that trip is included in the price. Therefore, even if the passengers only travel one way the total cost is the same. There is no difference between a one way or return trip pricing with Charter Aircraft.

  •  What Class of Travel do you want?
    The VIP experience, best value or somewhere in the middle? The bigger and roomier the plane the more expensive it is for the same A-B distance. We refer to travel class as Economy, Business or VIP/Luxury.

Q What are the Typical Aircraft Charter Costs?

Typical Costs of aircraft charter start at around $5.00 – $6.00 per km (measure a straight line between A and B) for small 4-7 seater aircraft. For example; measure on Google Maps the distance between A (departure) and B (destination) and times it by $5-$6 per km to get an idea of starting price point.

Typical Distances:

  • Sydney – Melbourne: 1420km round trip; from $1750 p.p. (4 pax)

  • Sydney – Brisbane: 1500km round trip; from $1875 p.p. (4 pax)

  • Adelaide – Perth: 4250km round trip; from from $3750 p.p (8 pax)

Total Cost / Passengers:
Here is the good news! The cost is for the whole aircraft and so you divide the charter cost by the number of passengers!

Aircraft Availability:
Aircraft availability is a very important factor to understand as a customer. Aircraft are expensive machines to own and operate. They cost the Operator money each day just sitting on the ground!

This means that when they are in demand by customers it is first in, best dressed to secure the availability. Operators cannot afford the risk of “holding” a plane for someone who is still making their decision. If another booking comes along that is ready to confirm then they will take that on the spot.

Q Do you charter international flights?

Yes. We can arrange flights between any two locations around the world.

Q What is the maximum number of passengers I can book?

Approximately 450 passengers. That would mean we need to use a Airbus A380.

Q What luggage items are prohibited on private flights?

All the usual items that you would expect on a regular commercial flight such as dangerous goods, firearms and other weapons.

Q Can you arrange for medical staff on medical flights?

Yes we can. Please contact us to speak to one of our Flight Managers on 1800 687 354

Q Why should I work with FlightCharter.com.au instead of chartering a flight myself?

The advantages of working with a Flight Manager from FlightCharter.com.au are in the extensive hands-on experience and knowledge we have arranging charter flights in Australia, our in depth understanding of current industry trends and the relationships we have established with local vendors and charter operators nationwide.

With FlightCharter.com.au you can rest assured you have the right aircraft and the right price for your needs hassle-free every time.

Q I don’t know much about airplanes and it all seems very technical and confusing. How do I work out what I need?

There are indeed a lot of technical details to consider but you don’t need to worry about understanding it all. Our Flight Managers are aviation experts and they will take the time to understand what you need and then translate into the right aircraft at the right time for the right cost.

Our flight managers will take into consideration your budget, the dates and times you wish to travel and the flight type that suits your individual needs (see our Flight Types here) in order to organise the best possible private flight for you.

Q How many planes and pilots does FlightCharter have and where are they based?

FlightCharter (FlightCharter.com.au) is a Broker and our role is to arrange a aircraft Charter operator who can meet your needs and itinerary. We will pay the aircraft operator for your flight which means that you just need one relationship with us for all your aircraft charter needs.

Q Can I hire private jet charter by the seat?

Arranging an aircraft charter means you are booking the entire plane for your private trip. Regardless if you are flying solo or at full aircraft capacity, you pay the same rate.

Chartering an aircraft can lead to large savings when travelling with a group – once you divide the airfare among all passengers. Private charter services can be more cost effective than commercial airlines for many situations such as a family or friend group travelling for vacation, a group of employees travelling for a business trip or even a patient accompanied by medical support staff travelling between hospitals/clinics.

Q How much luggage can I bring on a chartered flight?

The amount of luggage you can bring on your chartered flight depends on the aircraft in which you are travelling – even if the aircraft class is the same. The number of bags of each passenger can bring will also depend on how many people are travelling.

For example, on a 6 seat light jet, you may only be allowed to be bring one bag/suitcase per person. It very important that you discuss your group’s luggage needs with your Flight Manager prior to booking your charter.

Q Do chartered aircraft use the same airports as commercial airlines?

In many cases private plane charters utilise the same airports as commercial airlines worldwide, however; private charters have access to additional airports and airfields that commercial airlines do not service such as those in remote locations or those that are too small for commercial use.

When hiring a helicopter charter, even more regions become accessible for landing as they require less space to operate. These additional airports and airfields allow FlightCharter.com.au much more flexibility when flight planning, which can significantly lower the time you spend in ground transit.

Q How fast can I book a private charter flight?

If you need to book a last-minute charter, FlightCharter.com.au can help. Our Flight Managers have the resources and expertise to arrange an air charter with as little notice as 1 hour. With access to one of the largest aircraft fleets in Australia, your Flight Manager will find the right aircraft and flight plan suit your budget and individual travel needs.

Q What is an ‘Empty Leg’ flight?

Empty Leg flights (also known as ‘Deadhead’ flights) are the result of an aircraft being chartered for a round trip flight where one direction will have no passengers. To give incentive to air travelers to purchase an Empty Leg flights, operators will often advertise them at a reduced rate.

Taking advantage of Empty Leg charter flights require a little bit of flexibility as the scheduled flight may not align perfectly with your itinerary and travel requirements.

Q How Safe are private plane charters?

FlightCharter.com.au puts safety first. Every aircraft is operated by an operator licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA). All flight crew hold a Commercial Pilot’s License. In many cases, members of the crew will also hold the equivalent qualification of an airline pilot (ATPL – Airline Pilot Transport License).

Flightcharter.com.au only operates with aircraft maintained to commercial standards and ensures all aircraft are permitted to be operated on a charter. If you are travelling at night then the aircraft will have at least 2 engines.

Q What does Repositioning mean?

Repositioning, when referring to air charter, means the act of transporting a plane from one location to another in order to provide service for a requested chartered flight.

This usually occurs when passengers chartering a private aircraft need to fly from a location that does not not have a suitable plane or helicopter available thus an aircraft must fly to the departure city to provide service. If your flight requires repositioning, your charter quote will likely reflect additional costs.

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